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Private violin lessons for children

Any age, any level, any ability...

As a parent you may choose private violin lessons for your children to give them a new interest or hobby, to stretch them further than possible at school or maybe they can play with their friends in a band.

Violin lessons can give them a positive hobby to enjoy and helps children develop discipline that can be applied at school. 


Why violin lessons ?

Parents find that violin lessons for children not only improve their children's memorization and small motor skills, but strongly contribute to the building of their child's self-confidence. This in turn helps children succeed not only in music, but in school and other outside activities.


For beginners...

For beginners, the lesson can be started from an absolutely basic level. For young pupils (age 3 - 10), We consider the participation of parents, both during and after the lessons, is essential. Supervising or assisting practising is vital, so children can learn to do this regularly and effectively.


For those who played before...

For pupils who are in higher grades, I normally concentrate on a wide scope of musical training, with the emphasis not just on playing in a ‘correct’ manner, but also focusing on performing technique, musical interpretation, sight-reading, and historical intuition as trnansforming your ‘performance’ into a ‘fine style’ is our next step. 

teenager playing violin


The standard fee for private violin lessons is: £35 per 60-minute one-to-one tuition.

The benefits:

1. “Improve learning skills”

Private violin lessons not only help to keep kids engaged in school but also help them to achieve in other academic subjects like math, science, and reading .

2. “Learn fast”

When children take private violin lessons with a live instructor, they get added benefits that simply cannot be attained through the school education.

3. “ Develop confidence”

A child will learn faster, which helps build confidence and increases the likelihood of continuing the lessons in the future.

Book your first lesson now

To book your first lesson now please use contact section or call me on 07864 131 298

Parents about private violin lessons ...

Child playing violin

Phil & Eunyoung from Telford say:

"Since starting as an absolute beginner earlier this year with Margaret, I must say we are really pleased with our son's progress. He has enjoyed the lessons and we have seen his musical abilities/confidence grow with her guidance. What is more important by having a one-to-one lesson, it is so much harder for him to pick up any bad habits as she can focus solely on him. Margaret shares her love of the violin with him. I know once or twice he has been a little difficult but we are so impressed with the way she has changed the next lesson to bring him around."

Chantal from Telford says:

"It can be quite a challenge to keep a 4-year-old focused on anything for more than 10 minutes at a time. I have watched as Margaret has structured her lessons around Flynn’s needs that particular day, to keep the lessons exciting, interesting and fun."

Laura from Telford says:

"I just wanted to say thanks for working with my son. He learned more in his first violin lesson with you than he did in three months at the School. Its so nice to find someone who really connects with the students and lets them learn their favourite songs in addition to all of the fundamentals."