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Private violin lessons for adults

Perfect way to learn or develop your skills

When people of all ages take music lessons, they learn much more than just how to perform! There are many other benefits of learning to play violin.

There are a myriad of music self-study courses, books, CD's, and DVD's. Add in the hours of video on YouTube and across the Internet, and you've got an endless supply of information on how to play violin. But information alone isn't the key to having fun and learning. It's the application of the information that makes the difference. That's why private violin lessons work.

Adults in their 20's and 30's see lessons as a creative outlet and something to help them de-stress after a long day, as well as other health benefits of learning music. For many people private violin lessons are a way to express emotion or impress others with their new-found talents through a birthday, wedding, or special event performance.

Older adults find that violin lessons are a great way to stay mentally active. Many will resume lessons for an instrument they played in the past to polish up their skills while others are interested in learning something brand new and acquiring a special talent. Music is known to be therapeutic and a great way to keep one's mind young!

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To book your first lesson now please use contact section or call me on 07864 131 298

Evie from Shrewsbury says:

"Margaret is an excellent violin teacher with wonderful knowlegde and insight. Lessons are incredibly fun and inspiring. Having played the violin for many years now I was looking to enhance my technique. Margaret's attention to detail has really brought my playing to a whole new level. I would highly reccommend Margaret to anyone searching for a very talented violin teacher." 


The standard fee for private violin lessons is: £35 per 60-minute one-to-one tuition.

The benefits:

1. “ Develop skills”

Private violin lessons help to naturally develop skills needed in today's workforce: critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, and confidence .

2. “Learn fast”

Working with a private violin teacher helps you quickly understand the fundamentals, while making the process of learning - fun. 

3. “ Develop confidence”

You will learn faster, which helps build your confidence and increases the likelihood of you continuing with your lessons.


Adults about private violin lessons ...

Matt from Telford says:

"Margaret is an excellent teacher, and the lessons are always insightful and enjoyable. As someone who plays a variety of instruments at a variety of levels I've found her knowledge of technique, attention to detail and ability to spot (and break!) my bad habits before they become entrenched invaluable." 

Peter from Wolverhampton says:

"I came to study violin as an adult with no previous musical experience. I find it challenging, but Margaret always has suggestions to help me work through the difficult spots. She seems to be able to see right to the core of a problem." 

Robert from Shrewsbury says:

"I am thrilled that Margaret is my violin teacher. Besides being a brilliant musician, he is also a gifted teacher. She explains the very difficult technical aspects of violin playing in a precise, yet easy to understand manner. She is wonderfully musical and is able to provide me with the tools and ideas that help me to be more expressive and musical myself."